Using fish wall decor theme in interior design is in itself is a unique idea. But before you start out with preparing drawings or even putting up ideas to use fish wall decor, have a list of potential places where you can use such a theme.

If you are thinking of putting fish wall decor in your home interiors, then why not do it where it will be most appreciated. Such a room would be kid’s bedroom. Picking up a fish wall decor theme means that the overall end product of the kid’s room interiors will express the presence of “sea world” and fish related stuff as a whole.

Using a fish theme is not just hanging pictures of fish and wallpapers and you are done. To successfully design a room with fish theme, what you can do is write down a list of things that are closely related to fish. Such a list may include sea, oceans, beaches, tropical fish, aquatic plants, fishnets, boats and ships, sailors, sea birds, and much more.

Using a combination of all these you can create a unique scene of aquatic life that represents fish theme. This includes wall hangings in the form of scale models of birds, fish, starfish, etc. Wallpapers that show beautiful beach scenes or even underwater scenes with beautiful colorful tropical fish floating around. You can actually have a fish tank in a kids bedroom with magical lighting for mood creation.

Apart from a kid’s bedroom fish wall decor can be successfully used in public spaces such a restaurant where they serve

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